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“Neverthrivers” (aka Jugglers) Celebrate World Juggling Day Round the Globe


Sure, we jugglers aren’t efficiency experts.

We look at something and say,

there must be a harder way to do this.”  Bob Nickerson, juggler


 World Juggling Day

Saturday, June 16, 2012

 Jugglers, like artists, marching bands, farmers marketers and baseball players know enough to come in out of the rain.  That’s why the International Juggling Association created a unique digital alternative, a web-based initiative that highlights the wonders of object manipulation.

Preparations for World Juggling Day 2012 have been long in the making. Individual jugglers and juggling clubs around the globe have participated by registering their local event – performance, festival, teaching session, game or media event – on the WJA website.  Individuals have also registered by pledging to juggle in their home, yard or public space.

The individual and club entries are on the WJA website so that the world juggling community, their friends, fans and families, can watch the growth of the project and the performances of jugglers round the world.  Today, the global juggling community is watching as amateurs and pros alike keep those balls, knives, clubs and any non-stationary object in the air – then move alacrity when the inevitable fall happens.

To view a digital scrapbook of videos submitted for the World Juggling Day click here. (http://www.juggle.org/wjd/general.php)

To learn more about local celebrations of WJD and the local juggling scene click here.(www.mondofest.org)