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Truth, community, Wikipedia… A thought-provoking conversation

This post is a departure from the “norm” – if indeed there is some sort of norm to this blog. Still, in the unparalleled confusion of facts that characterizes this campaign, today’s remembrance of 9-11 – not to mention the proclivities of subscribers to this blog – a hasty post seems in order.

Within the past couple of hours, I listed to this week’s episode of On Being with Krista Tippett. (http://www.onbeing.org/program/jimmy-wales-the-sum-of-all-human-knowledge/8916) I have always thought that the best time to learn is when all the balls are in the air; the balls-in-the-air construct is most evident when a group or community is learning together, the challenge we face today.

Krista Tippett’s guest is Jimmy Wales, the co-founder and “promoter” of Wikipedia and Chair Emeritus of the Wikimedia Foundation. No doubt every information maven who reads this blog has critiqued, questioned, deliberated, and occasionally argued with and debunked Wikipedia. Clearly, every neophyte researcher was been cautioned to challenge herself to “drink deeper of the Pierian spring.”

Still, the dialog between Tippett and Wales deserves a listen or read. It’s about the meaning of truth and of community,  the distinction between facts and truth, about the role of the global encyclopedia and of our place in the cosmos. The conversation also touches on a conundrum that I think of often, i.e. how a “fact” or an idea can be true and untrue at the same time.

It may be the solemnity of the day, or the ambiguity of the campaign, a lazy summer morning in September – or then again it may be that the librarian gene kicks in when the topic is Wikipedia. Whatever, today’s On Being exchange between Krista Tippett and Jimmy Wales – and the published responses — gave me pause to think and share with like-minded readers.


The Flavors of Annona Gourmet in Saint Anthony Village

According to the infallible Wikipedia  Annona is a genus of flowering plants in the pawpaw sugar apple sugar apple family cultivated in Mexico since 1000 BC. Currently, seven Annona species and one hybrid are grown for domestic or commercial use mostly for the edible and nutritious fruits; several others also produce edible fruits. Many of the species are used in traditional medicines for the treatment of a variety of diseases. Several annonacaeous species have been found to contain annona.   Annona is also a goddess, personification of plenty or the produce of the yearly harvest.

Picture of the Annona plant

Botany and mythology aside, for increasing numbers of Twin Citians Annona is becoming a household word, not because of the flowering plant but because of Annona Gourmet.  Annona is a gastronomic treasure trove of taste-satisfying treats for the gourmet and for lurkers who want to know about subtle tastes.

James Norton, writing for the gourmet’s delight, Heavy Table, tempts the tastebuds with his description of Annona Gourmet:  “In terms of sheer impact, few gastronomic experiences rival letting a few drops of flavored balsamic vinegar slide across your palate.  The result can be a fig-tinted sledgehammer, a pomegranate wrecking ball, a blueberry uppercut;  vivid , slashing, barn-burning flavor that demands bread, or tonic, or vegetables to act as a catcher’s mitt for the vinegar’s flavor fastball.”  (Heavy Table, February 13, 2009)

In just two years Annona owner and Windom Park  resident Jean Rarick has made her welcoming shop an essential destination for many and a the hub of the community.  Visitors will find gourmet delicacies accented with neighborhood news and a glimpse of what’s next in Northeast Minneapolis, St. Anthony Village and environs.
Several years ago, while pondering a career change from the international business world of fine paper, Jean was laid off.  Having traveled extensively with her previous job, she had seen the gourmet shop concept in other countries and states.  Knowing there was nothing just  like she craved in Minnesota, she decided to open Annona Gourmet in The Village, a relatively nondescript strip mall that straddles St. Anthony Village and Northeast Minneapolis.

Annona Gourmet fills the gustatory gap while the community benefits by Jean’s commitment to stay in Northeast where she has lived for the past 25 years and where she has had family in the area since the late 1800’s.  Annona Gourmet also provides a lively outlet for local entrepreneurs with ideas, kitchens and workshops and a pitch to local customers.

Annona Gourmet offers an endlessly tempting array of gourmet delicacies – a rich assortment of vinegars that Jean rotates on a regular basis, extra virgin olive oils from around the world, pasta, sea salt and a mix of locally produced products.  Shoppers will find such local products as honey, jams, salsas and snacks plus a variety of art, pottery, jewelry and crafts, including handsome woodcrafts – and of course aprons — created by local artists and crafters.  Recent additions to the gourmet shelves include  coffee from Café Palmira, biscotti from LindaLiscious and seasonings from Kayak Kitchens.

Visitors to Annona Gourmet, 2807 Pentagon Drive in the Village Shopping Center, will also find a warm welcome, taste tests of fine vinegars and virgin oils, and a new appreciation of gustatory subtleties introduced by Jean who loves fine cuisine, her adventuresome customers, her community and good music as played on her favorite KFAI – not necessarily in that order.  Shoppers and shopper wannabes will  also find a busy shopkeeper and community resource, currently making big plans for the St Anthony Village holiday special set for December 10 – more on the traditional SAV carriage rides, vendors and entertainment in future posts.

Contact Jean and Annona at 612 354 2027 or sales@annonagourmet.com