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Veterans Day chance to examine records & information re Vets

This note is not quite, but almost, too late. Still, I want to salute staff of the Gale Family Library at the Minnesota Historical Society for a great idea. By way of celebrating Veterans Day 2015 the Library has announced its first-ever “sale” on Research Services (as if one could ever put a price on research services!)

The idea is that the Library will reduce by 15% the regular price on all military-related Research Service orders placed through Veterans Day. This includes WWI searches of:

  • World War I Bonus and Disallowed Bonus Records
  • World War I Gold Star Roll Records
  • World War I Service Questionnaires
  • Military Records (other than WWI)
  • Veterans’ Grave Registration records.

Orders must be placed through the MHS online system using discount code MILITARY 15.  MHHS members will receive their regular 10% discount in addition to the short-term Veterans’ Day savings.  Staff notes that turnaround may be as long as 30 business days, though they do their best to respond to requests for information as soon as possible.  Online payment by credit card is the best plan, though checks may be payable to the MN Historical society.

It’s this creative approach to expanding access to essential public records that caught my eye. The possibilities not just for this library but for countless information/research treasure troves is intriguing. Though the information itself is free and open to the public, the process of probing the possibilities is often overwhelming for family members and history buffs for whom the information is critical.

Thanks, Gale Family Library for celebrating Veterans’ Day by expanding access to your resources and unique expertise.