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Stroll, shop, save and socialize on Shop Small Saturday

On November 26, local storekeepers roll out their red carpets for Shop Small Saturday 2016. (https://www.sba.gov/about-sba/sba-initiatives/small-business-saturday) Chosen to counter the excess of Black Friday, the day offers a great excuse for smart shoppers to hook up with a lifelong friend, an elderly resident, a grandchild, or a new neighbor to enjoy, explore, graze, shop, share a long chat over tea or coffee, and give thanks for our neighbors and neighborhoods.

Though I’ve explored a host of vibrant neighborhoods that put a unique spin on shopping small and shopping local today’s post adheres to the “write what you know” adage. The hope is to prompt shoppers to prep for Shop Small Saturday by poking around the world that may well be within walking distance.

A subliminal suggestion is to make a day of it so the essence of neighborhood sinks in and sustains, at least through the holiday shopping season – by which time shopping small will be habitual.

Here are some suggested Shop Small Saturday strolls through my Northeast Minneapolis neighborhood. The listings are uneven – some link to websites, others to Facebook descriptions and reviews; in several cases these may be familiar from past Poking Around posts. A check of the websites and Facebook entries will alert readers to last minute Shop Small Saturday specials, discounts, shopping and socializing options!

Let your fingers do the walking through this sampler of Northeast options – with equal attention to shopping and socializing. Then do an armchair tour of your own locale to see what’s happening closer to home.

St Anthony Shopping Center

29th and Johnson Northeast

Sheridan neighborhood – near Broadway & 2nd Street NE

Central and Lowry neighborhood

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Walk till you’re weary, shop till you drop – then stop for coffee