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Disabled and Proud! Listen and learn at KFAI

Among the many unsung learning resources of this community, KFAI (kfai.org) merits high marks – for independence, community support, diversity in coverage, producers, on-air hosts and more.   Though the signal is ubiquitous KFAI expands programming reach to anyone with online access.

The unique personality of KFAI lies in the fact that it is entirely volunteer-based. A committed cadre of audiophiles produce and promote a montage of listening options that reflect their proclivities, aspirations, and commitment to share a message to an underserve community of listeners. The station is also managed by a volunteer community board of directors, staff by a sparse paid staff.  Operating at 900 watts KFAI airs at 90.3 in Minneapolis, 106.7 in St. Paul; the station went live in I978 with several technical upgrades over the years.

My interest in community resources designed to reach members of the disabilities community has tuned me into one of KFAI’s notable programs, Disabled and Proud!  It’s a mix of insights, ideas, discussions and features by, about, and geared to the myriad interests of a large and diverse audience.

Sam Jasmine hosts the show, Charlene Doll helps with research and webmaster Tom Lennox forecasts future shows and archives the recordings for prospective online listeners.

The programming for Disabled and Proud! is inclusive. For example, the January 12 show shares the mission and reach of Helping Paws of Minnesota, whose mission is to further the independence of people with disabilities through the use of a service dogs.   On January 26 the guest will be Bent Renneke, PR manager of the Minnesota MS Society. Past programs have covered a wide range of topics including a series on Alzheimers and dementia took a two-pronged approach; one show dealt with the diseases themselves while a second examined the role, needs and resources for caregivers.

Listen live at 6:30 on Thursday evenings or listen online at kfai.org/disabledandproud. Email disabledandproud@tcq.net to sign up to receive regular programming updates.