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Rural writing and culture celebrated at Morris and Marshall festivals

If you have a yen to rub elbows with local or national writers this October you would be well advised to head to Greater Minnesota, specifically to the Morris and Marshall areas. October will draw scores of writers – and their faithful reader fans – to both communities – to the fifth annual Prairie Gate Literary Festival October 23-24 at the U of M Morris (https://www.morris.umn.edu/prairiegate/) and the following week, October 28-31, to the tenth annual Marshall Festival at Southwest Minnesota State University (https://www.smsu.edu/marshallfestival/)

The Prairie Gate Literary Festival features a mix of readings and workshops on Friday evening and Saturday. Guest artists include Emma Bull, Ebba Segerberg, Eric Smith, John Hildebrand and Vandana Khanna. Bios of all of the invited writers are on the University of Minnesota-Morris website.

Featured performers at the Marshall Festival include Susan Power and Gordon Henry, Philip Dacey and David Alan Evans, Barton and Ross Sutter. The roster of writers who plan to participate in the Marshall Festival is too long to post, but all can be found on the website (http://www.southwestalumni.com/show_module_fw2.aspx?sid=820&gid=1&ecid=1347&control_id=644&nologo=1&cvprint=1&page_id=252&crid=0&scontid=-1&viewas=user).  Of special note is the fact that Saturday is designated Children’s Day featuring a morning session on “Writing Poetry” with Florence Chard Dacey and folk music and dancing with Ross Sutter.

Much more about both festivals can be found on the festivals’ websites.

As you enjoy the autumn drive through the highways and byways, consider the beauty of the countryside and of the ways in which writers and artists enrich the arts and culture of all Minnesotans’ lives.