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Josh Cragun’s “Redemption” premieres at Nimbus Theatre

Preparing to write this post about the next production at Nimbus Theatre I realize that it’s five years since my first post about what was then a fledgling newbie on the Northeast Minneapolis theater scene.  Today Nimbus is practically venerable! (https://www.facebook.com/nimbustheatre/)

And yet the theater is as fresh and innovative as ever.  Opening this weekend at Nimbus is a new production entitled  Redemption, written by Josh Cragun who is also co-Artistic Director of Nimbus.  The production is directed by Mitchell Frazier.

Redemption shares the stories of individuals “confronting the difficulties of re-entering society after incarceration.”  The play addresses the perplexing question “When is a person redeemed?” It is a dilemma  both poignant and timely.

Redemption opens Saturday, April 29, and runs through May 14.  Performances are at The Crane Theater, 2303 Kennedy Street, NE. (https://www.cranetheater.com/node/13) The theater is a block off Stinson, between Hennepin and Broadway Avenues.  Parking and the theater entrance are at the back of the building.

The redemption plot is one of the oldest story shapes.

 Peter Baynham 

UPDATE – REVIEW 5/4  — http://www.citypages.com/arts/two-parolees-take-the-dark-road-to-redemption-in-nimbus-latest/421055454