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Post-Indie Bookstore Day Post


Too many bookstores (!) Too little time! Last Saturday was a rush to spend serious browsing time in all of the bookstores noted on the map. One that I missed was the new (to me) Daybreak Press Global Bookshop & Gathering Space. (http://daybreak.rabata.org)

Some time ago I had written about Daybreak’s Grand Avenue site. (https://marytreacy.wordpress.com/tag/daybreak-press/)   Later I lamented that store’s closing. Still, I didn’t follow up to learn about their new location near the University of Minnesota at 720 Washington Avenue, SE

Though I didn’t visit Saturday, I will do so soon. In the meantime, I want to be certain that, since November 2015, Daybreak is welcome space for the U of M crowd and the community at large. What remains is the mission of the enterprise which is to “create a platform for education, activism, and positive community experiences in Minnesota.” The clear plan is to work towards that goal in an environment that features books from around the world and space for community gatherings and programming.”

Hours at the “newish” Daybreak are Monday-Saturday 10-9, Sunday 12-5.

Email: daybreak@rabata.org  Phone: 612 584 3359


Daybreak Bookstore Brightens St. Paul’s Grand Avenue

  • NOTE – Daybreak was not open when last I checked – sign read “returning soon” – Best to check before you plan a trip.  MT

A bookstore is one of the only pieces of evidence we have that people are still thinking.

The source of this observation, skeptic Jerry Seinfeld, would be a welcome guest this evening for the grand opening of Minnesota’s newest indie, Daybreak International Bookstore at 1665 Grand Avenue in St. Paul. (http://daybreak.rabata.org)

In truth, opening festivities have been been going on all week with the Grand Opening Celebration set for later today, Friday, September 19, 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. There will be live music, free food, performances by Ali & Patrick and the best and brightest of the TC’s bibliophile scene.

Though the word “unique” is much over-used, Daybreak truly deserves the adjective. For starts, the shop is organized by continent.   According to founder Tamara Gray, Daybreak “will focus on global books with themes including social justice, religion/spirituality, women’s issues, language, travel and children’s book, as well as literature.” Readers can take a break to view the news in Arabic, French, Spanish or language of choice (within reason). There will be guest appearances by scholars, book signings, performances, book clubs, language tutoring and classes on global themes. Gray adds that the hope is that Daybreak will also become a gathering place for the community.

What’s more, the bookstore is a nonprofit venture, a project of Daybreak Press, a division of Rabata (Rabata.org).

Gray brings broad experience to the book store. She manages the Rabata website and founded Daybreak Press and Ribaat, an online academic program that brings college-level Islamic learning to women around the world. Got 20 years Gray lived in Syria where she studied Islamic sacred texts and subjects. She has worked with schools globally to set up, evaluate and improve curriculum; today she is a doctoral student at the University of St. Thomas.

Store hours will be 10:00 am – 9:00pm Monday-Saturday and Noon-5:00pm Sunday.