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ADA at 26: The celebration – and the challenge – continue

I don’t need easy. I need possible. ~ Bethany Hamilton

It was just a year ago we were celebrating the 25th anniversary of passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act. It’s time to rekindle and repeat the celebratory spirit – and to remember that the movement for inclusion and equality is not a sprint but a marathon. (https://www.minnpost.com/minnesota-blog-cabin/2015/04/celebrating-impact-ada-embracing-challenges-remain) Happily, the disabilities community is joining forces again this year to recharge us all

“Celebrating Diversity in Our Community” is a grand public event set for Tuesday, July 26, at the Minnesota History Center, 345 West Kellogg in St. Paul. The celebration begins at 3:00 with a keynote address by Ken Rodgers, Chair of the Minneapolis Advisory Committee on People with Disabilities.

Beginning at 6:30 the focus is on fun! That fun includes a chance to get to know Angelique Leie, 2015 Miss Wheelchair Minnesota and to enjoy the artistry of members of the Young Dance Company. Then enjoy an evening featuring the classic rock & roll music of Tamarak.

Learn more about the very talented Angelique Leie and about the Miss Wheelchair Minnesota program here: http://blog.easystand.com/2015/04/ms-wheelchair-minnesota-2015-pageant/

Get to know the unique Young Dance Company here. http://www.youngdance.org/company-overview

Learn and listen to Tamarak here: http://www.tamarak.iwarp.com)

Accommodations for the evening include ASL interpreters, audio description and CART – and food will be available for purchase. The event itself is free and open to all.



Moving knowledge at the MnDOT Library

For hundreds of state government employees, their agency’s library is an indispensable resource, a power tool, a source of inspiration, and at times a refuge. For decades the MnDOT library has built a reputation as a unique gem in the constellation of state agency libraries. As of this week, that library has an elegant new – or at least renovated – home. I had a chance to visit – and I will return.

“Movingknowledge” is the theme throughout – from the reference desk to the rich collection of statistics, standards, research reports, newspapers, journals and databases, complemented by gateways to hundreds of libraries. My particular favorite were shelves reserved for the “Commissioner’s Reading Collection” that seemed to pop up just in the right spots – within reach of irresistible stuffed chairs that offer the reader exquisite views of the State Capitol and surrounding grounds!

Focus throughout is on providing MnDOT staffers the right information at the right time in the right format – a win/win thrust that often involves assistance from staff in the process. The payoffs include savings in time and money (by minimizing reliance on outside research consultants), and getting better results.

Congratulations to the scores of MnDOT staff, consultants, and most of all the MnDOT library staff that have created a learning environment that welcomes all, including those of us whose knowledge of Minnesota transportation is pretty much limited to reading a Metro Transit bus schedule! We’re all better served if the MnDOT staff have the best access possible to the best information possible in the best of all possible environments.

Keep moving knowledge for the good of all Minnesotans who need to both move and know at an ever expanding rate!

Contact http://www.dot.state.mn.us/library