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Librarians feted at national legislative conference

Indivisible is working to inspire a cultural shift in how Americans think about the role of government in America by training the next generation of civic-minded leaders, disrupting and reframing negative media discourse about government, and creating a network of champions to change the conversation about government in their communities

This quote is from the website of Indivisible, a unique national initiative that has caught my attention of late – a welcome ray of sunshine in this era of government-bashing.

Yesterday’s email message from State Representative Rick Hansen of South St. Paul (DFL, House District 52A) offers a good example of the sort of positive discourse the founders of Indivisible envisions. Hansen was texting en route home from the Seattle conference of the National Conference of State Legislatures – which, incidentally, met in Minneapolis last year.

With all due pride Representative Hansen boasts that one of the high points of his deep immersion in legislative deliberation was the honor of accepting in the name of Minnesotans two national awards presented to Minnesota legislative librarians by the Legislative Research Librarians staff section of the NCSL.

The awards recognize the professional role of  research librarians as active contributors in the creation of exceptional state documents. The publications cited in the award assure that critical information is accessible for agency staff, legislators, advocacy groups and citizens who are grappling with the complexity of emerging issues.  The work of the cited librarians is evident in these state publications:

  • Minnesota and Climate Change – Our Tomorrow Starts Today, http://climatechangemn.org, prepared by library staff at the Pollution Control Agency

Kudos to the librarians and library staffers who were honored by the elected officials meeting in Seattle.   Thank you also to Representative Hansen for accepting the award in the name of Minnesota residents and taxpayers – and for sharing the good news with constituents back home.