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Write On Radio Now on Facebook

Bibliophiles who depend on audio access to the written word and its writers have a new port of entry.  Write On Radio! is now on Facebook.  Write On Radio! features weekly interviews with local and visiting writers of every literary stripe.

Write on Radio airs on Tuesdays, 7 8 p.m. (90.3 in Minneapolis and 106.7FM in St. Paul as well as live on the web at www.kfai.org.   Shows are archived at KFAI for two weeks following the show.

The past month’s interviews are also posted on the website – check it out to learn more about the breadth of authors who visit the KFAI studios to be interviewed for Twin Cities listeners.  The website also features a good introduction to other literary options including  Rain Taxi’s Literary Events Calendar and guides to open mic and spoken word events on http://minnesotamicrophone.com/

To sign up for the weekly email schedule send email address to writeonradio@yahoo.com.

KFAI Fresh Air Radio

By definition, Poking Around involves exploration of the radio dial, especially the diminishing segments thereof that remain independent.  The June gathering of independent public radio producers in St. Paul sparked latent poking around proclivities.   I did not attend in person but followed insofar as possible via the media.

KFAI where I serve with pride on the community advisory board was a player.  Still, that didn’t stop KFAI staffers and the board from tackling internal issues, to wit:  the program schedule.  Major changes!

Many listeners tune in for KFAI’s unique music offerings – roots, blues and world music, interviews and features wrapped in the commentary of volunteer dj’s, often collectors and performers who really know their genre.  There are several changes in music programming, including the fact that during the week the station will air music all night (8:00 p.m.-5:00 a.m.).

Other listeners tune in for Write-On Radio, the venerable local literary talk show that has hosted just about every Minnesotan who has an oar in the literary waters.  Write On Radio moves to has 7:00 p.m. on Tuesdays.  Politicos swear by Truth to Tell, Andy Driscoll’s public affairs interviews with a wide mix of informed guests, moves to Monday mornings at 9:00.  First Person Radio, hosted by Richard LaFortune and Laura Wittstock, an unique look at the contributions of issues of the American Indian community, moves to Wednesday mornings at 9:00.  The plan is “to create  a
new morning alternative for Twin Cities listeners that helps fulfill the mission of KFAI.”

To top it off, KFAI will dedicate of Sunday to broadcasting content of particular interest to immigrant communities in the metro area where the KFAI signal extends.

KFAI wannabe listeners beyond the reach of the signal, otherwise engaged at the appointed hour, or just eager to know more should check the options.  The volunteer producers of these shows offer supplementary support including archived and indexed streaming and websites.

FAQs about the new schedule are answered with care.

KFAI-FM      90.3 in Minneapolis       106.7 in St. Paul