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Newspaper Week 2016 promotes “Way to Know!”

Today’s Washington Post carries a guest article that captured my attention. As a guest contributor Kevin Curry offers a perfect, if unstated, introduction to two significant commemorations:

  • National Newspaper Week (October 2-8, 2016), and
  • National Information Literacy Awareness Month (October 2016)

Hard to resist the prompt to tackle a critical, uniquely timely, challenge!

In his WaPo opinion piece Curry offers “three things to think about as you read your social feed”:

  • That more and more people rely on social media for news and information,
  • That despite its growing popularity, social media’s influence on political participation remains unclear, and
  • That gathering political information via social media brings on increased risk of digesting information from questionable sources;

The theme for this National Newspaper Week 2016 is “Way to Know!” The theme underscores the role of the newspaper as the leading presenter of news and analysis. Sponsors also remind readers that the traditional newspaper has gone digital – though the clear distinction between legitimate journalism and a tweet is difficult to ignore….

National Newspaper Week should prompt voters and non-voters alike to reflect on the constitutional right to a free press and on the nation’s need to understand and support free and independent newspapers, investigative reporting, and the profession of journalism.

In today’s world, newspapers cannot remain the sole promoter of the right to know or of National Newspaper Week.   For a rich library of downloadable promotional materials click here: http://www.nationalnewspaperweek.com