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Reflections on Art-A-Whirl 2012

If you were able to walk and gawk through the delights of Art-a-Whirl 2012 you’ll want to compare your responses with those reflected in the June 2012 issue of In the District., the report from the Northeast Area Arts District spearheaded by Josh Blanc.

If you missed the seventeenth annual celebration of the arts in the Northeast community you will feel as if you had been there when you read the reflections of artist Caitlin Karolczak who explored her innate performance art talents as a first-timer at this year’s AAW.

Josh posed a series of queries, all of which Caitlin answers with enthusiasm for her experience and her life working in the Northeast arts community. “My studio is like a sanctuary,” Caitlin observes, adding that  “it’s also nice to be a part of a bigger community of artists.  NEMAA is a great hub and resource for all artists in Northeast”.  As an artist relatively new to the community Caitlin notes that “I also really appreciate there are resident ‘old guards’ who are willing to act as mentors.”

Watch for Caitlin at the Modern Café where she loves the vintage drinks and the pot roast! “  She is not the first to sing the praises of the comfort food that fuels artists and lovers of art, Northeast Minneapolis and classic food served with panache.

Clay Squared Opens Holiday Shop at Gavidae Common




If downtown doesn’t come to Northeast, we will go to downtown.  That is the attitude of two artist/entrepreneurs who have long worked in their Northeast studio and who are now testing the downtown waters by opening a “seasonal” shop at Gavidae Common.  The artists are husband and wife Josh Blanc and Layl McDill and the studio/shop, Clay Squared to Infinity, has spawned a skyway gift shop, Suite 129 of Gavidae at 551 Nicollet Mall.  When I stopped by today the couple were busily putting the vibrant finishing touches on the shop which is right at a most propitious crossroads location.

ClaySquared-on-the-Skyway (my name)  will open November 1 and remain open until December 31.  Hours are Monday-Friday 10 AM to 7 PM, Saturday 10 AM-6 PM and Sunday Noon-5:00 PM.  Theme of the shop is “made in NE Minneapolis” with an emphasis on clay artists.

Artists include Sue Christensen of Nameless Wildness, Martha Enzler of Martha Enzler Designs, Stephanie Kaczrowski, Wendy Penta of Stone Hollow Tile, Emily Dyer of Dyer Ceramics, Kirsten Walstead of SoMi Tileworks, and Jane Swan.  Furniture maker Kirsten Arden will “create an environment where the work will be shown and for sale.”

Proprietors McDill and Blanc are brimming with special features incoming an artist trunk show highlighting artists from the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District.  On November 18 they will host a “NE Artists Invade Downtown” party – details TBA.

In the spirit of the season McDill and Blanc will donate 5% of their sales from the downtown location to the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District.

All Skyway roads lead right past the shop – stop in, spread the word to friends and family, and don’t forget to pick a “made in Northeast” holiday gift that will charm the recipient and support NEMAA.

Congratulations and best wishes to McDill and Blanc on this bold, exciting and timely adventure!