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Edison High School Honored with GREEN Program Designation

How Green is My High School?  That could be the new theme song at Edison High School in Northeast Minneapolis.  And singing along with the Edison choristers would be Jayni and Chevy Chase who were recently on hand to kick off the GREEN Community Schools program, a national initiative designed to create a holistic model of environmenta; awareness to public schools.  Edison topped a field of hundreds of applicants to be named just the second GREEN Community School in the nation

Jayni Chase, an environmental educator, is the prime mover behind the GREEN Community School project, a joint initiative with MRG.  The GREEN project funds a Resource Coordinator who will work Edison staff to integrate green subject matter into thee curriculum and extra-curricular activities.  The program incorporates a range of topics focused on the curriculum but extending to the energy efficiency of the building and sustainable food procurement among other creative initiatives.

On hand at Edison for the kickoff on May 21 were Jayni and Chevy Chase and an all-star platform of political and community leaders including Senator Amy Klobuchar, Mayor RT Rybak, and Councilman Kevin Reich.  Edison principal Carla Steinbach described environmental projects in which Edison students, faculty and staff are involved;  one highlight was students’ production of “seed bombs”, aggregated blobs of compressed soil, compost, seeds and clay, designed to provide nutrients necessary to sustain the seeds to be scattered on empty fields and lots.  Watch for the blooming products of these Edison student-produced seed bombs throughout the community this summer.

Congratulations to Edison students, faculty and staff – and thanks to Jayni and Chevy Chase for recognizing a quality high school that has the stuff to capitalize on the opportunity to Go GREEN!