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2014 at Half-Life – Time to regroup for what comes next

Tempus is fugiting

Don’t look back, but we just passed the half-way point of 2014….And it was just a few days ago that the days started getting shorter, admittedly at a lazy summer rate.

Does it seem to you we just got going

Yesterday it was still snowing

Now we’re battening down for fall

We wonder if indeed that’s all

We have to show for half a year

We want to look into a mirror

To see just what it is we’ve done

Did we just work, or have some fun?

Did we make enemies or friends?

Did we ignore or tie loose ends?

Or did we slumber through the seasons

Dreaming of the rhymes and reasons

That time speeds by in months not days?

Have we been living in a haze

Of chores and jobs and paying bills

And all that little stuff that fills

The days and nights, the months and weeks

The highs and lows, the slumps and peaks?


The Fourth might be a day to pause

To think of what’s to come because

If we’re half way to next year now

It might be good to think of how

We ought to spend the time we savor

To do ourselves a little favor

Forget regrets, exhale, get set

Next year may be the best one yet!

Press on, shape up, we’re half way there

We haven’t got an hour to spare!


But think again, the weekend’s long

To waste a weekend must be wrong

Long weekends are the time to ponder

To set imaginations free to wander

To think of flags, parades and speeches

Lazy naps and sandy beaches.


Rejoice and thank the founders of this nation

That mid-year brings this brief vacation

To exit from the daily grind

To stop the clock, to just unwind

Spend time with neighbors, friends and fam

Confess we just don’t give a damn.

~~ ~ ~   Happy half-life 2014!   ~ ~ ~~