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The Blame Game Puts Us All to Shame

Eons ago when I was in the single parent role, I would come home from work to hear the strident tones of my younger son protesting from the upstairs, “NMF!”   Even in the pre-acronym age, I knew that meant “not my fault.”

I still wave the “NMF” defense at times.  I appreciate the artful use of a knee-jerk defensive screen.  After all, I tell myself, NMF affects only the self-determined innocent accused.  By hoisting his NMF defense Steve impugned no one and did no real harm to another.  It remained to the potential accuser – me — to nab the miscreant.  In other words, he deflected but did not blame.

Today the nation is paralyzed by a far greater evil, the pervasive and pernicious plague of Blame.  Not content with a simple NMF defense, politicians, corporate giants, the media, the clergy, bankers, educators and too many mere mortals go on the offense by hurling Blame with abandon.

Blame is a charge that resists certain confirmation with the added power that it diverts the attention of the accuser.

Our litigious and political systems exist on Blame – that’s where the profit is, that’s where the votes reside.  While most of us are content with an NMF posture, the Deciders deftly use Blame to shape our perceptions.  Well-orchestrated Blame can basically rewrite the narrative.

Still, Blame serves no particular purpose other than to deflect, even abnegate, responsibility for decisions and actions.

Whether it’s weariness, apathy or a feeling of powerlessness,  We the People fret from the sidelines as the Deciders play an endless Blame game – a pervasive and pernicious plague on the nation.  Clearly, it’s NMF, so who can we blame for our collective complicity?