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Ode to Messiness

I love my desk I love my pile

It speaks to my creative style

If I can see the desk below

It means my mind’s been idle so

My works–in-progress are all open

Deep inside I keep on hopin’

The Muse will heed the warm invite

And take some notice of my plight

The cluttered files, the random stack

The lack of effort to keep track

It’s clear I’m just not into order

I try to be a thoughtful hoarder

It’s keeping new ideas afloat

Learning what the sages wrote

Connecting dots to make a whole

Digging deeper is my goal

There’s more to learn than I can file

Ideas need to rest awhile

So celebrate a messy workplace

Clutter makes a fertile space

To sort the clinkers, spot the traps,

Pick the winners – then perhaps

Take time to celebrate and bless

Creative folks who thrive on mess!