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Chautauqua at St Catherine University Kicks Off August 8

Lively learners of every vintage have a chance to kick off (literally) the Summer Chautauqua series that will burst forth for a second year on the campus of St. Catherine University, 2004 Randolph in St. Paul’s Highland area.  On Wednesday, August 8, 7:00 p.m. the music ensemble Bara, with dance caller Ann Wiberg, will host a Ceili (pronounced KAY-lee), the traditional Irish gathering of fun, fellowship, laughs and a chance to trip the light fantastic.

The merriment takes place on the SCU campus in Rauenhorst Ballroom, Coeur de Catherine hall (student union/library).  Registration for the Kickoff Bara is $10 for adults, $5 for children who have a special invitation to participate.

The Ceili kicks off the week-long Chautauqua program  (August 8-15,) targeted to adult learners who have lots to learn – about everything from “Hmong Culture and Shamanism in Today’s Society” to “From Gene Kelly to Generation X: The Transformation of American Musical Theater,” to “Human Trafficking in Minnesota.” Sessions meet throughout the day and evening .  The week wraps up with a well-deserved Ice Cream Social featuring “musical stringman” Paul Imholte on Wednesday, August 15, 7:00 p.m.

Prices for individual classes vary.  For a full schedule of classes, faculty, times and sites and a campus map, email stkate.edu/Chautauqua or 651 690 6666.

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NEW FOR 2012 at Chautauqua is a Girls Leadership Track set for Friday, August 10 through Monday morning, August 13.  Geared to girls entering 6th through 8th grade in Fall 2012, the program requires that youth be accompanied by an adult “champion” –  mother, aunt, grandmother, friend or another “mentor.”

The program will provide tools and resources for girls to “carry their leadership journey forward.”  Participates may attend any or all of the classes in the track; cost for the Girls Leadership Track is $40.

Chautauqua Series at St Kate’s Tackles Ideas that Tickle the Mind

Come August, the human brain starts drifting off course – it needs some exercise, some fun, some attention!  Give your frazzled mind a break by letting it dip into the deep well of learning opportunities that will burst forth during the ten days of the Summer Chautauqua on the lush green campus of St. Catherine University.

Thoughts of the Chautauqua conjure images of sunshine, leisurely learning for the sake of learning itself, and spending time with others who share the delight of marinating in new ideas.

The SCY Chautauqua series begins with a grand kick-off on Wednesday, August 3, 7:00-9:00 at Coeur de Catherine, aka the student union.  All are welcome (adults $10, children $5) for a gala celebration of summer and learning.  Musicians of the Irish ensemble Barra with dance caller Ann Wiberg will host a ceili, a traditional Irish gathering focused on fun (see, you’ve already learned a new word….)

Let the learning begin!  Need a techno update?  There’s a class on working magic with your digital camera, or another on staying sane with social media or a session on the future of the book (which no doubt includes a touch of technology…)  Or is Poetry in the Parlor more your style?  Acquaint – or reacquaint — yourself with the work of Mary Virginia Micka or Cass Dalglish.  If you are the writer, Elaine Weimar Wagner and Mary Desjarlais will explore their experiences in a session called I Got My Book Published, You Can Too.

Are your social concerns in need of an informed airing?  Try Racism in Minnesota or a session on youth bullying or Genocide and Our Response or a session on Pakistan offered by Nancy Parlin.  Explore the resources of the CSU campus (Ade Bethune: Beyond the Catholic Worker or a session on the Artwork of SCU) or of the area (An Insider’s Look into the St. Paul Union Depot Restoration Project.)  There are sessions on health and nutrition, golf and Zomba fitness, a short golf game clinic and a Latino spin with sessions on the Argentine tango and salsa (the dance, not the sauce.)  Joan Mitchell will talk about Women of the Bible and Vera Chester will explore the topic of Asian Wisdom for Aging Minnesotans.

Some sessions, including a series of podcasts and the Poetry in the Parlor readings) are free.  Others are low-cost ($20 for a single class down to $12 for 8+ classes.)

All of the details about the Chautauqua series – schedule, registration form (pre-reg required), parking, map and more) are available on the web , call 651 690 6666 or email alumnae@stkate.edu.

So, give your mind a chance to flex its considerable muscles with a fresh take on a new topic or a chance to polish the sheen on some of those stray thoughts that flit past on a summer day!  You’ll find ideas, fresh air, flowers and friends waiting for you on the SCU campus in early August.