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Readers, writers, books — and plans – coming together in Northeast

As gardeners and farmers reap the harvest, it seems that ideas that may have remained dormant during the growing season suddenly come full  bloom. Ideas flower. Plans come together.

Such is the case with the inclusive and expanding voices of the literary arts, a vital strand of the Northeast Minneapolis arts community. These are examples only, definitely not the whole, of the ways in which the voices of Northeast Minneapolis community of the book – broadly defined – are being shared.

  • The Friends of Northeast Library are sponsoring another in their series of Salon Nordeast set for Saturday, September 19, 4-7 p.m. at the Gallery Solar Arts Building, 711, NE 15th – All are invited to mingle, enjoy the art, meet with authors, buy a book and have it signed. Readings and discussion follow at 5:30. Author presenters include local resident John Jodzio, and others including writers Neal Karlen, Julie Schumacher, and Brad Zellar. The readings will be moderated by local Northeast author Sarah Stonich.   $5 donation is suggested to support the Friends of NE Library.
  • Voices of Northeast – a series of video interviews with Northeast writers, publishers, booksellers and others who give voice to people who are engaged with the northeast community of the book. Each week Peter Shea conducts extensive informal interviews these individual who represent the various aspects of the literary world. The interviews are cablecast on Metro Cable Network Channel 6, which is carried on every cable system in the metro area. Videos are then archived at the University of Minnesota Institute for Advanced Studies – accessible for download, editing or other reuse. The series so far includes Chris Fischbach, celebrating his 20th year at  Coffee House Press, writer Sara Stonich (Vacation Land), storyteller Jerry Blue, Michelle ­­­Filkins of Spout Press and others. This season’s interviews include staff of the American Craft Council, Education Director Perry Price and Library Director Jessica Shaykett, as well as Scott VanKoughnett, proprietor of area bookstore Eat My Words, and local writer John Jodzio. Many more to come.

Metro Cable Network – Not so much a bandwidth as an untapped resource

Sometimes I think about old stuff. This is one of those thoughts– but it’s still current.  Decades ago a metro-oriented visionary had a grand thought, of a cable system that would reach the metro region.  Channel 6 was a must-carry on every cable system that reached metro area outlets.

This was back in the day when regional thinking was a priority and the Metropolitan Council had a say about the possibilities of a regional communications system.

For many years I served on the Board of the Metro Cable Network   – a lost opportunity beyond belief.  Perhaps because there is no regional vision, or perhaps because there is no financial support for that vision, the MCN is no longer a regional voice.  Surely, the technology has changed, but the idea of thinking regional is a post-technology thought.  Technology can divide or connect the region.

I am sad.  The region needs a voice and the potential is technologically at hand, even if it’s retro by today’s standards.  Politics, finances and people have sapped Channel 6 of the potential it once had.  Of course I would like to see a more vibrant and relevant Channel 6.  Still, the fact that the technology is dated does not assume that the vision is obsolete,  just not politically popular at this juncture.