To summon the spirits of the season

Make of it what you will, I love Halloween.  This post with a past may offer some explanation – …   Mental Floss offers a more erudite and global take on the history and hoaxes of All Hallow’s Eve.

Though Halloween is a few days in the future, it’s not a moment too soon to prepare both the mind and the décor.  If you start this weekend, you might be First in the Neighborhood/Apartment/Office this year.  Understand these are options, not suggestions, a way to get you to the general digital vicinity:

As is the custom of the day, one should start with statistics and other essential facts:  Granted, this information has not been updated for a few years, alternative facts matter.

If Halloween conjures your culinary genius you might this will expand your plate of possibilities:

If you’re visually inspired, take a long gaze here:,+treats&client=safari&rls=en&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiDkd3ht__WAhWKxYMKHZvXAK8QsAQINw&biw=1296&bih=852

If the sounds of the season set the mood for you, check out these options:

If you engage in what’s happening in other cultures, you appreciate that the universality of this Chinese custom is clearly antithetical to contemporary American ethos:

Hot off the presses:  —  From Mental Floss scenes from “the charming English fishing village that inspired Dracula” and told “the spookiest ghost stories from all 50 states.” And Bustle noted that Frankenstein author Mary Shelley “was Goth before it was cool, and these 15 surprising facts prove it.”



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