Voter Registration Day-Reminder to reach out, tools to share

Nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves and the only way they could do this is by not voting ~~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

With all of the managed confusion surrounding the drive to suppress the vote my “suppression” file has expanded exponentially.  Unfortunately, focus on the threats diverted my attention from the essentials, the need to focus on the need to reach out to those who are not yet registered.

Too many people worry that registration is too complicated or that the process itself will intrude on their privacy or even threaten their freedom.  And for others, particularly new voters or those who are new to Minnesota, registering to vote is a nuisance, a waste of time.

Belatedly, I have just realized that National Voter Registration is TODAY, September 26, 2017.  More research and writing about the malevolent momentum to suppress the vote will have to wait.  Today’s priority is to spread the word so that registered voters will find the time and muster the energy to reach out to those who believe there are too busy, or too vulnerable, to register. Now, more than ever, every voice – and every vote – matters.

The Minnesota Secretaries of State have a well-deserved reputation for designing and managing a voter registration process that is a model of access, fairness, and voter protection. Here, for example are the basics – you might want to review this before you reach out:

Prospective voter registrants will probably have questions about a host of related issues – Expect questions ranging from residence requirements to polling place to absentee ballots to disability access to their criminal record.  All of these and answers to scores of state-related questions are at your fingertips:

Most important it’s easy to take the next step to become a registered voter:





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