Puppeteers gather in St Paul to learn and share their art

The puppeteer pulls the puppet’s strings. The puppet pulls the audience’s strings. The audience pulls the puppeteer’s strings

John Alejandro King a.k.a. the Covert Comic

And yet the 400-plus puppeteers will  have more on their minds then string pulling  when they gather next week, July 18-22,  at Concordia University in St Paul.  They’ll will be much too engaged in lively discussion of ideas, performance and reflection on the proud history they share.  The 80th Annual National Puppetry Festival is a week packed with learning options for neophytes and masters who gather to demonstrate, learn and renew friendships.

Many of the world’s leading puppet artists will offer more than 600 performances showcasing  skills and techniques labeled as Traditional, Global, Alternative, Outrageous, Political and Unusual Art.  Many of these performances will be open to the public. (see website for details)

Other highlights of the Festival are the National Puppet Slam, the Reel Puppetry Film Festival, not to mention a grand celebration of Puppeteers of America’s 80th Birthday!!!

To learn more about this unique and wonderful gathering don’t miss the conference website – it’s first class: https://www.puppeteers.org/national-puppetry-festival-2017/ — Follow the Festival on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PuppeteersofAmerica/

Whether you plan to take part in the Festival, or if you and your young friends are simply eager to learn more about the art, do not miss this  fascinating history of puppetry. https://www.puppeteers.org/discover-puppetry/history-of-american-puppetry/)  No over-analysis here, just a great story of an art that transcends time and geography!

Many thanks to the Puppeteers of America for sharing their proud heritage and their amazing talents!


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