Advocates speak out – No fare hikes, route cuts for Metro Transit!

Are you a bus/LRT regular who depends on public transit to get to work, school, shopping, the clinic, entertainment, life?

Or are you a car dependent commuter who appreciates the fact that thousands of commuters avoid rush hour gridlock by taking public transit?

Or do you care about the environment – including air pollution?

The point is, all of us benefit when lots of us get around the metro area by way of the bus or LRT.   Which is why all of us need to be concerned about the proposed fare increases and drastic reductions in bus and LRT service now pending in the State Legislature.

Opponents of the legislation charge that service cuts will involve less frequent trips, shorter hours and fewer routes.  Obviously, the cuts are tough for countless riders, totally devastating for those who depend on public transit evenings, weekends, or on less traveled routes. People with disabilities will be stranded.

Advocates of public transit – riders and members of the public who care about congestion and clean air and the welfare of their neighbors will gather on Tuesday, April 18, 6:00-7:30 PM at the LRT Line Capitol/Rice Street Station to speak up for the indispensability of high quality public transportation accessible to all!  The event is hosted by Transportation Forward – open to all!!!

Check the Transportation Forward FB site for details and developments:





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