Black History Month opens links to learning

I don’t want you to praise me…Some praise me because I am a colored girl, and I don’t want that kind of praise. I had rather you would point out my defects, for that will teach me something. — Edmonia Lewis

Though I have seen her sculptures in galleries and in print, it was not until today that I knew or appreciated the life and work of sculptor Edmonia Lewis. As I started my research/writing routine this morning I instinctively clicked on Google’s doodle du jour. I was delighted and, even more, captivated by a visual introduction to the elegant sculpture of this brilliant African American artist.

Fortunately, my morning meeting was shifted – so my fingers and my mind heeded the lure to learn more….

Intrigued by the subject I googled again to learn about the life and work of a woman I had not known. The search led me to Michael Cavna’s piece in Washington Post where I learned more about Edmonia Lewis. I am awed, eager to learn more.

Another click led me to Time’s take on the Google doodle where I paused to track the process of how a doodle comes to be.

Happily, my search continued as I followed the links to learn about Akilah Johnson, the Eastern High School (Washington DC) student who actually designed the Google Black Lives Matter doodle.

At this point, the time has come to face the work routine of the day. Still, it has been a beautiful way to celebrate the first day of Black History Month 2017!








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