The spirit of resistance spurs action

The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on occasions that I wish it always to be kept alive. 

Thomas Jefferson               

As resistance spiked this weekend – at airports, in the streets, and above all in the media, people throughout the nation are making plans for future marches and other public statements of resistance. As the list of local and national protests expands by the hour this is but a smattering of the sorts of initiatives that are in the works.  Past posts have covered these:

The “spirit of resistance to government will go on. Some examples:

  • Supporters of public education are planning a Washington March at a date-to-be-determined during the summer.
  • The Juggalos have already scheduled a March for September 19 – read more about the Juggalos and their issues here –


To put things in perspective, check this recent article on history-making protests in US history: or skim the Wikipedia entry on past protests in Washington, DC.

The “spirit of resistance to government” is a revolutionary but definitely not a new idea.














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