“Behind Bars” Gives Voice to Incarcerated Writers

Prison reform is just one of the themes that generates much heat and little light at every level of policy and political debate. For this reason, among others, it is an honor to describe and promote the ongoing contribution of members of the Minnesota Prison Writing Workshop (MPWW) (http://www.mnprisonwriting.org) These committed writers and teachers reach beyond the arguments, beyond the bars, and into the world of the men whose lives are affected by the politics and politics of the day.

On October 22 the MPWW will sponsor Beyond Bars: Voices of Incarceration, the annual public reading by student alumni of the Writing Workshops. The free and open reading is set for 7:00 p.m. at the Klas Center, Hamline University (For details click here:http://www.mnprisonwriting.org/mpww-public-reading.html )

For the past several years MPWW volunteers have coordinated readings, invited visiting writers, published a literary journal, and offered mail-based writing mentorships for inmates who participate in MPWW-sponsored classes.

The MPWW website describes their work and the success of inmates who have participated in the project:  “MPWW instructors are serious writers who actively work on their craft. Some have backgrounds in social work, law, film, radio and higher education.”  Clearly, all are “passionate about the joy and transformation found in arts education.”

To learn more about the Minnesota Prison Writing Workshop, visit their very informative and user-friendly website at http://mnprisonwriting.org. You’ll be introduced to the work of MPWW by a brief video overview – don’t miss it. Then dig deeper for the history, a student’s perspective on his own experience, volunteer opportunities, sponsors, FAQ’s, published reviews of the program, a helpful compilation of comments – and, yes, how to donate.

Questions? Go to info@mnprisonwriting.org or all 612 284 2507.

Reminder: Post Beyond Bars: Voices of Incarceration, MPWW’s one and only public event, on the calendar now — before the calendar gets cluttered and/or you forget!



One response to ““Behind Bars” Gives Voice to Incarcerated Writers

  1. A topic that does need voicing, loud voicing.
    Well done, Mary.

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