Constitution Day September 17 – Reasons and Resources

We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution. Abraham Lincoln

Constitution Day, aka Citizenship Day, comes at a most propitious time this election season – a good time to reflect on the fundamentals of our shared and ongoing experiment in democracy. Constitution Day 2016, Saturday, September 17, marks the signing of the Constitution of the United States on this date in 1787. That hard-won document is dedicated to the citizens of the United States.

It is the custom that, if Constitution Day falls on Saturday, it is to be celebrated on a weekday before or after September 17 – no doubt because it falls to social studies teachers to teach the basics… Still, it seems to me that, because Constitution Day is on Saturday this year – and since Constitution question are implicit if not explicit in much the news and opinions – not to mention the conversation – of the day, an extra-curricular commemoration may be in order.

Here are some discussion — or teaching – prompts:

*  Great starting point

* – Helpful list of links — Brief intro with links to specific portions of the Constitution – Minnesota take on the commemoration

* – Comprehensive guide to resources, events throughout the nation, teaching and learning activities, relevant blogs, and more.

These troubled times challenge us to know and respect the Constitution of the United States, its founders and the role of every citizen to respect and to live by the the principles embodied in that historic document.   It really does matter.


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