Open invitation to Maptime MSP – Open Street Map + Open Data

The most recent post from Maptime MSP prompts a reminder to share the word about this unique resource – something I have intended to do for some time.   It turns out that planners for this month’s map hack night have issued a special invitation to newbies to the group, with stress on the fact that the invitation is open to all — everyone from fledgling mappers to seasoned experts.

The next Maptime MSP hack night is set for Thursday, August 18, 5:45 – 7:45 PM at the Washburn Library, 5244 Lyndale Avenue South. (No surprise – there’s a map on the website

Joe Sapletal, Dakota County GIS expert, will demonstrate techniques he has used for bringing in large open source datasets to Open Street Map so that local mappers can showcase “great local data.” Following the presentation the group will “dive in and edit Open Street Map together, explore some open source datasets we could import into Open Street Map, and have some time to network.”

The invitation underscores that no previous Open Street Map experience is necessary.   If you’re not registered you are welcome to do so at If you have a laptop, bring it – if not, not to worry, mappers share more than data.

The agenda includes pizza and beverages, courtesy of CARTO Graphics.

For an earlier, now somewhat dated, post about Maptime MSP click here:


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