Ode to Open Government

There are sins that are rated more mortal than errancy

They’re committed by those who would stymie transparency

Lack of access to data and facts that are hidden

Are more harmful to freedom than what is forbidden.

Though our founders were known for inherent division

The nation they shaped reflected a vision

While their concept of voters was pitifully dated

On one basic score they cannot be berated.

They figured that voters were basically wise

(In addition to white, land-owning and guys)

With no twitter or email, texting or iPad

Voters could winnow the good from the bad.

People looked to the press, turned to printers and ink,

To express their ideas, to read, write and think.

Voters owned the decisions, they claimed them as theirs,

Not a knee-jerk response to a few billionaires.

In ways we’ve progressed, we’ve opened the process.

More people are voting, but still we have less –

Less  access to options that lead to wise choices.

Worse yet, we fear no one’s hearing our voices.










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