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Literary arts flourish in “Greater Minnesota”

Having just participated in the Rural Arts and Culture Summit at the beautiful U of M-Morris, I am overwhelmed with what I have learned about what’s happening and the people who are celebrating the arts in small towns and communities throughout Minnesota and the nation. Representatives of seventeen states shared their experiences and wisdom – any hint of whining eclipsed by emphasis on collaboration and the power of the arts. Much more on this in forthcoming blog posts – when I get it all sorted out in my head.

In the meantime a couple of additions to a recent post on literary events happening in our midst: (Original post –

  • Bemidji, which sports the tagline “first City on the Mississippi, First City of Arts”, is planning three days for Studio Cruise ’15, October 16-18. The event features tours of open artists’ studios where artists will demonstrate techniques and share their creative processes. This creativity midst the fall scenery of Minnesota’s Northwoods. Contact or call 877 250 5959.
  • The following week, October 23-24, is the Fifth Annual Prairie Gate Literary Festival at the University of Minnesota-Morris. The event features writers including John Hildebrand (creative nonfiction), Eric Smith (YA fiction/non-fiction and literary agent), Emma Bull (sci-fi and fantasy), Vandana Khanna (poet) and Ebba Segerberg (translator). More

My hope is that this list will grow as reticent Minnesotans get up and do what needs to be done to promote the incredible wealth of literary efforts that reflect, shape and enrich the arts and culture profile of the state.

As events rise to the surface they will appear here – meanwhile I will be thinking about how to make the case that writers, illustrators, indie presses and bookstores are essential, if shy, players on the arts and culture scene.