Remember Jerry Blue

Jerry Blue didn’t fit the mold. He was African American, he was huge, he thought that libraries were about ideas and learning and opening doors for people of whatever age or color or mindset. His stories will live in the minds of countless children who listened with rapt attention as he shared the wisdom of the stories.

In recent times he was my neighborhood librarian. We talked at length of his plans to work with the community, to carry the message to those on the fringe – to seniors, kids, immigrant people, those who think they don’t deserve to know. He was a passionate believer in the role of the public library as an active player in the community.

Jerry’s friends and especially patrons of St. Anthony, Sumner and St. Anthony are mourning his sudden death last week.

Jerry Blue was a good man who made a difference in this world and in his community. Though he will be missed, his spirit is with us.


6 responses to “Remember Jerry Blue

  1. Thank you for this deserving tribute. In addition to his skills as a storyteller and librarian, Jerry Blue was also a joyful human being – who through his infectious smile and enthusiam for life made the days of everyone around him a little brighter. He will be sorely missed.

  2. Mary,

    Very nice!



    Hi Mary:  I did not know your librarian friend but you wrote a wonderful message about him and all the good he did.  Wish I had known him too.  See you soon.  Mary Jo

  4. Suzanne Mahmoodi

    thank you, Mary

  5. I am so sad to lose him. Even for a short time, he was a welcoming and engaging presence at the desk of our library.

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