Splash on, Minnesotans! It’s National Walking Day!

Wake up!  Dig out the galoshes, grab your parka, add mittens, earflap cap and scarf – it’s National Walking Day.

No, this is not a post-April Fool Day joke, it’s for real.

National Walking Day is a well-meaning program of the American Heart Association.  Planners envision employees wearing sneakers to work so they can stop everything and walk for a half hour during the workday.  They suggest meetings be held at remote locations so attendees can get in their 30 minutes en route.  They even have a tool kit, but it’s too late to get your free kit now

In truth, it’s a great idea.  Minnesotans who have been forced into hibernation for six months would welcome the opportunity to dash out to do errands.  We dare to dream of a brisk constitutional and fantasize about the freedom to walk to the mailbox.

Then we remember – the impenetrable mounds of packed black ice at the corner, the perilous puddles that conceal sheets of treacherous ice, the long-term consequences of a broken limb….

So we slump back in the chair, sip our high test coffee, and listen to the meteorologist remind us that Yes, there is another blizzard on the way.

We check the National Walking Day website again  —  to no surprise we learn that the contact address for NWD is in Dallas!

Thanks, American Heart Association for a great idea.  One suggestion, if you want a national crusade, check the records re weather trends across the nation.  We can inch and splash our way to the car or bus today, but for us to embrace the joy of a brisk 30 minute walk is asking a lot this early in the season!

Maybe this time next year….




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