Poker On the Move – A Personal Note

The practice of “poking around” places few restrictions on one with a propensity to poke and tell.  Every story, neighborhood, artifice or artifact is grist for one who pokes for sport.  Readers of this blog will not be surprised, then, to learn that this poker’s poking purview is expanding.

As of November 15 I have taken a position of “outreach coordinator” at, a vibrant coalition of nonprofit organizations who hold to the principle of “constant vigilance” as the price paid to preserve a democratic  people’s right to know.  The coalition includes a broad range of organizations, each with a different slant on the common challenge.  Specifically, OTG partners join forces to hold government accountable, ensure and improve access to Information, reform national security secrecy, protect civil liberties, and open state and local government.  Just the sort of messages for which I am proud to “outreach” –particularly now, when all of the open government balls seem to be hovering in mid air!

So, I will be reaching out from the G Street offices of OTG for several days each month, NE Minneapolis for much of the time, and commuting between the two with iPad in lap and phone in hand.

Though there is some adjustment underway just now, I’ll  will continue to poke around, henceforth with energy that comes from the sure knowledge that poking around is the true path to learning – and that sharing the pokes with intrepid readers makes the facts and stories come alive for all concerned.


4 responses to “Poker On the Move – A Personal Note

  1. Glad to know you are on the move and doing great work, as usual. What email address will you check in your going and coming — and staying in one place or the other?

  2. Congratulations to you, Mary, and to “Encore” career people collectively and individually represent a huge resource that our nation generally is underutilizing. Glad to hear that the match was made to mutual benefit. I will continue to anticipate and read your newsy and insightful essays.

  3. Mary,

    Your gifts and propensity re poking is once again made manifest.(You can see here that I’m trying to convey. When you receive my emails, I do wonder if you “edit” them, not unkindly, but to offer/substitute more appropriate, elegant and — yes, improved ideas. [I loved you alliteration.]

    I’ve just now read your “Poker on the Move” contribution. Open the Government Knows what a jewel they have in you! Your mental to language mode is amazingly clear and covers a multitude of subjects for which you have empowering ideas and words. You capture in words amazing connections and ideas of “what to” and “let’s do”.

    Thanks for your mind-expanding ideas. Prayers for you.


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