You’ve Seen the Film – Now Read the Book!

Tired of mega-movie houses where the feature film is lost in the frenzy of projectiles, the grumbles of impatient toddlers, the crunch of spilled popcorn and pop containers under foot.  Ever wondered about the cognitive dissonance between the film and the well wrought work of fiction upon which it was ostensibly  based?

If so, you will want to peruse the exhibit of books-into-films now on exhibit at the Minneapolis Central Library.  Once again inveterate reader and library volunteer Ruthann Ovenshire has combed the shelves for adult fiction books that have been made into movies in recent times.

The list of titles is enormous.  All of the books are in the Central Library collection – and Ruthann regularly replenishes the exhibit when library patrons wisely latch on to a good read.

The holiday season summons the shopper, the home decorator, the baker, the social butterfly and other stressed readers to take a break.  Pick up  a good book – go see the movie later.  If you’ve already seen the movie, this would be a good time to find out just how good the original tome really was!

Following is the list of adult fiction books recently made into films. The date listed is the film date.  All of these titles are in the collection at Minneapolis Central Library, 300 Nicollet Mall, conveniently located along the Holidazzle Parade route!

Syrup / Maxx Barry. (2012)

Salvation Boulevard / Larry Beinhart (2011)

World War Z / Max Brooks (2013)

London Boulevard / Ken Bruen (2010)

A princess of Mars / Edgar Rice Burroughs (2012)

The Lincoln Lawyer / Michael Connelly (2011)

The Loop / Joe Coomer  (2010)

We can remember it for you wholesale / Philip K. Dick  (2012)

The Three Musketeers / Alexandre Dumas  (2011)

One for the Money / Janet Evanovich  (2011)

Paranoia / Joseph Finder  (2013)

Something borrowed / Emily Giffin  (2011)

Brighton Rock: An Entertainment / Graham Greene  (2010)

Abraham Lincoln : vampire hunter / Seth Grahame-Smith. (2012)

Water for Elephants / Sara Gruen  (2011)

The Descendents / Kani Hart Hemmings (2011)

Cogan’s trade / George V. Higgins.  (2012)

The woman in black : a ghost story / Susan Hill  (2012)

Prince of Thieves / Chuck Hogan (2010)

Never Let Me Go / Kazuo Ishiguro  (2010)

On the road / Jack Kerouac.  (2012)

Gideon’s Gift / Karen Kingsbury  (2010)

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo / Steig Larsson (2011)

Shutter Island / Dennis Lehane  (2010)

Freaky Deaky / Elmore Leonard. (2012)

Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne legacy / Eric Van Lustbader (2012)

Kick-Ass (comics) / Mark Millar  (2010)

Cloud atlas / David Mitchell.  (2012)

One Day / David Nicholls  (2011)

Cross / James Patterson.  (2012)

True Grit / Charles Portis   (2010)

Atlas Shrugged / Ayn Rand  (2011)

Drive / James Sallis  (2011)

We Need to Talk About Kevin / Lionel Shriver  (2011)

Dear John / Nicholas Sparks   (2010)

The lucky one / Nicholas Sparks.  (2012)

Safe haven / Nicholas Sparks.  (2013)

The help / Kathryn Stockett.  (2011)

The Rum Diary (2011) / Hunter S. Thompson

The Killer Inside Me / Jim Thompson  (2010)

The mysterious island / Jules Verne  (2012)




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