American Craft Council Digital Library – A Unique NE Minneapolis Resource

For some time I have intended to post something about the American Craft Council Digital Library.  This article, which just came out, presents a far more complete report than I could research.  I’m attaching it here – with a strong encouragement for everyone to check out the Craft Council website.  In 2010 the Council and Library moved to 1224 Marshall in Northeast Minneapolis.  Today the ACC has  a strong and welcome presence in the Northeast community.  Great location and a fascinating addition to this community which has a history of craft design and creation.

My suggestion is that you start with the very attractive ACC and Library, then click on the YouTube introduction to the Digital Library.  You won’t be able to resist exploring more of the website and the history and program of the American Craft Council.

The following is a direct quote from the ACC website.

Since the launch of the ACC Library Digital Collections last fall, we’ve been gathering your feedback and making adjustments to the database to increase its functionality. Thanks to everyone who has taken a look at the collections, filled out our survey, and/or stopped to chat about our online resources and website at the library booth at one of the ACC Shows or at SOFA Chicago. Your feedback has been an invaluable means for us to improve our services and ensure that what we put online benefits your research needs and satisfies your innate curiosity as makers, curators, scholars, students, and craft appreciators.    

In an effort to better explain the usefulness of the Digital Collections, we’ve created a brief video tutorial to walk you through the best methods for accessing materials and searching the database. This video focuses on our ACC Newsletter Collection (1957-1986), a wonderful resource for in-depth information on particular craft artists, exhibitions, and events. If you’ve struggled with accessing our newsletters online, or if you have yet to take a look at the Library Digital Collections, please check us out!

If you have additional comments or questions, feel free to contact us at


*** Watch for more information about the American Craft Council Show which will be held this year on April 20-22 at the Rivercentre in St. Paul.

Learn more about the library from this Voices of Northeast conversation with Library Director,  Jessica Shaykett — click here:

One response to “American Craft Council Digital Library – A Unique NE Minneapolis Resource

  1. Hello Mary,
    A tremendous THANK YOU for your kind words and for sharing the video about the American Craft Council Library and online resources on your fabulous blog. Have you been to our space yet? We’re open Monday-Friday, 10-5pm. We’ll also have a library booth at the ACC show at the St. Paul Rivercentre, April 20-22. It would be an absolute pleasure to meet you in person at one of these places.
    Thanks again and all the best,
    Jessica Shaykett, ACC Librarian

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