Writers Reflect the Tumultuous 60’s from Diverse Perspectives

In an earlier post Ruthann Ovenshire shared her list of novels about the 1960’s, the basis of the exhibits she has mounted at Minneapolis Central Library.  Intrepid researcher that she is, Ruthann continued her search of the shelves to select a parallel list of books about the 60’s.

Again, this is a list made for browsing, with categories based on the shelving patterns at the Minneapolis Central Library where “Mystery” is shelved separately.


From fond memories to grim facts to radical social and political upheaval everyone seems to have a recollection or a story of those turbulent years.  Many on the holiday giving list would appreciate – perhaps be informed by – one of these books written after and about the decade – or readers might want to dust off their own memories and interpretations of this pivotal era in the nation’s – and the world’s –history.


Ruthann has found these on the shelves at Minneapolis Central Library:

A taste of honey : stories / Jabari Asim.

Bow’s boy : a novel / Richard Babcock.

Altamont Augie : [a novel] / by Richard Barager.

Voyage / Stephen Baxter.

We are all welcome here: a novel / Elizabeth Berg.

The lightning rule / Brett Ellen Block.

Drop City / T. Coraghessan Boyle.

The Red Squad / E.M. Broner.

The people v. Lee Harvey Oswald / Walt Brown

Getting it right : a novel / William F. Buckley, Jr.

Tucker’s last stand: a Blackford Oakes novel / William F. Buckley, Jr.

Stark / Edward Bunker

Great Neck : a novel / Jay Cantor.

Prince of peace / James Carroll.

The peacemakers / by Jack Cavanaugh.

Love among the ruins : a novel / Robert Clark.

The Wednesday sisters : a novel / Meg Waite Clayton.

A walk through fire : a novel / William Cobb.

Leigh : a novel / Lyn Cote.

The last hotel for women : a novel / Vicki Covington.

The orphan game : a novel / Ann Darby.

Dugan under ground : a novel / Tom De Haven.

Libra / Don DeLillo.

Eye of the archangel : a Mallory and Morse novel of espionage / Forrest DeVoe, Jr.

The summer we got saved / Pat Cunningham Devoto.

The silent men / by Richard H. Dickinson.

This body : a novel / Laurel Doud.

Look at Flower : a novel / by Robert Dunn.   NEW

The invisible circus / Jennifer Egan.

Blood’s a rover : a novel / James Ellroy.

Lizzie’s war : a novel / Tim Farrington.

The shadow year / Jeffrey Ford.

Sugar cage / Connie May Fowler.

The love children / Marilyn French.

The autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman / Ernest J. Gaines.

Of rice and men : a novel of Vietnam / Richard Galli.

The King of Babylon shall not come against you / George Garrett.

And do remember me / Marita Golden.

September song / Andrew M. Greeley.

The quiet American / Graham Greene

Please step back / by Ben Greenman.

Bombingham : a novel / Anthony Grooms.

Summer of the redeemers / Carolyn Haines.

Rookery blues / Jon Hassler.

The children Bob Moses led / William Heath.

Set the night on fire / Libby Fischer Hellmann   NEW

Vivienne / Richard Hoyt.

Where I must go : a novel / Angela Jackson.

Nam-a-rama / Phillip Jennings.

Dreamer : a novel / Charles Johnson.

Special intentions / Mary Pat Kelly.

The shot : a thriller / Philip Kerr.

The iron will of Shoeshine Cats : a novel / by Hesh Kestin.

Hearts in Atlantis / Stephen King.

Exiles / Elliot Krieger.

All new people : a novel / by Anne Lamott.

Sway : a novel / Zachary Lazar.

The man from Saigon : a novel / Marti Leimbach.

And all our wounds forgiven / Julius Lester.

Sixty-six : a novel / Barry Levinson.

Juniper tree burning : a novel / Goldberry Long.

Matterhorn : a novel of the Vietnam War / Karl Marlantes.

Naked cruelty : a Carmine Delmonico novel / Colleen McCullough.   NEW

Child of my heart / Alice McDermott.

Where there’s smoke / Mel McKinney.

Mama / Terry McMillan.

While I was gone / Sue Miller.

Little Scarlet / Walter Mosley.

Four spirits : a novel / Sena Jeter Naslund.

War at home / Kris Nelscott

Beyond the limbo silence / Elizabeth Nunez.

Black girl/white girl : a novel / Joyce Carol Oates.

Them / Joyce Carol Oates

Boomer : a novel / by Jim Olson.

Don’t mean nothing : short stories of Vietnam / Susan O’Neill.

The karma charmer / Bruce Palmer.

California girl / T. Jefferson Parker.

The fearless man : a novel of Vietnam / Donald Pfarrer.

Harvest / by Belva Plain.

Noble Norfleet / Reynolds Price.

Inherent vice / Thomas Pynchon.

Object lessons / Anna Quindlen.

Floating in a most peculiar way / by David Racine.

Southland / Nina Revoyr.

Little Miss Strange : a novel / by Joanna Rose.

Goodness / Martha Roth.

American pastoral / Philip Roth.

Motorcycle ride on the sea of tranquility / Patricia Santana.

Names on a map : a novel / Benjamin Alire Sáenz.

Downtown : a novel / by Anne Rivers Siddons.

Rolling thunder / by William Simmons.

The lotus eaters / Tatjana Soli.

Now is the hour / Tom Spanbauer.

The help / Kathryn Stockett.

A dark matter : a novel / Peter Straub.

An American sin : a novel / by Frederick Su.

Flower children / Maxine Swann.

Paper wings / Marly Swick.

An actual life / Abigail Thomas.

Flying in to love / D.M. Thomas.

What night brings : a novel / by Carla Trujillo.

The witches of Eastwick / John Updike.

Grace : a fictional memoir / Robert Ward.

The man who cried I am / John A. Williams

Cotton / Christopher Wilson.

Nog : a novel / by Rudolph Wurlitzer

I Hotel : [a novel] / Karen Tei Yamashita.

America the beautiful : a novel / Moon Unit Zappa.


MYSTERY (shelved separately in the Mpls Central Library collection

Crimson moon : a Brown Angel mystery / by Lucha Corpi.

Breaking up is hard to do / Ed Gorman.

Fools rush in : a Sam McCain mystery / Ed Gorman.

Croaked! / Dick Lochte.

Epitaph for a tramp & Epitaph for a dead beat / David Markson.

Too many murders / Colleen McCullough

Bad Boy Brawly Brown / Walter Mosley.

Little Scarlet / Walter Mosley

A dangerous road / Kris Nelscott.

Smoke-filled rooms / Kris Nelscott.

Thin walls / Kris Nelscott.

Hard revolution : a novel / George Pelecanos.

The big bang / Mickey Spillane & Max Allan Collins.




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