Harvest the Ideas Whilst You Can!

Though I’m more than a little irritated at Michelle Bachmann’s bad-mouthing our climate in her vote-getting tour of Florida, her real omission was to fail to mention that Spring and Autumn are the activity seasons in Minnesota. She also omitted the fact  that we are also among the most creative folks she might have never known.  In autumn, theaters burst forth, art crawls are ubiquitous, writers share their works in bookstores, libraries and a rich array of venues –  I understand the Vikings even re-enter the scene.

We are stressed by the fact that we can’t get to every meeting, ethnic festival, art crawl, museum exhibit, reading group and more!

The flip side of this is that Fall and Spring are the best times to explore the possibilities.  On any given day during the Fall, the state resounds with ideas.  Lots to think about during the winter months to come.  It’s a fine time to store up fresh thoughts that just may germinate – who knows when the fertile homebound environment will nurture a thought that will bear great fruit.

So, take in every festival you can get to, store thoughts and memories, plant them and wait for them to flourish in Spring 2012.  We had a really bad winter last year – it’s got us all thinking about Florida, Arizona, depression and other escapes.  Not so if you harvest the brilliance of the Autumn of 2011 and, as with those root vegetables and apples, nibble on it during the inevitable – and quietly beautiful – season to come.

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