Zine fans gather at Powderhorn Saturday, September 24

In the past I have tried assiduously to write about the zine scene in this community.  My quest for information has been thwarted – or misguided – so I look forward to this weekend’s Twin Cities Zinefest, Noon to 5:00 –p.m. on Saturday, September 24, at Powderhorn Park, 3400 15th Avenue South, Minneapolis.  Though I’ve tried the website, the best information I have found is in City Pages whose writers are probably more involved, intrepid, and recompensed for their labors.

City Pages defines zines (loosely, by their own admission), as “self-published works, often of a person nature.  They range in topics from the influential pamphlets of Thomas Paine, to Star Trek fan fiction, to political diatribes, to recipe-sharing, running the gamut of discourse, covering matters serious and lighthearted alike.”  I love the definition and thank the definer.

The eighth annual Twin Cities Zinefest offers a chance for zine-lovers to share information about self-production or to share their own productions.  Exhibitions include displays by the Minnesota Center for Book Arts, Minneapolis Community and Technical College (which has a large zine collection, the Fly Away Zine Mobile, and the Zine Apothecary.    Zinefest is free and open to the public.

Someday I hope to write more about the Twin Cities zine scene – maybe a visit to Zinefest will uncover some ports of entry to this dynamic world.





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