Thoughts on Thinking

Today I am dealing with a lot of things – like plumbing and tree pruning and other stuff I can’t afford because I am, alas, an English major.

Which leads me to think of the benefits derived from choice.  Because I read Grapes of Wrath I understand something about desperate poverty.  Because I read Camus I have a glimpse of that world.  Because I read Shakespeare I have some sense of the complexities of humankind. Because I read about medieval cities I get it about the urban scene.  Because I read so much I see things.

The point is, I had no calculator nor had I reason to need one (it was a slide rule world anyway).  I was learning about the human condition.

As a reasoning person living in a democracy in which my opinion matters, I ask, is a calculator the most essential tool.  I truly appreciate and actually embrace technology – not as an end but as a means to an end that involves tools and thoughtful purposes working in tandem to enhance the lives of homo sapiens.


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