Sunshine Week Openthegovernment Conference Now Online

In weeks past I have written about my opportunity to participate in Sunshine Week activities in Washington, DC.  It’s a busy week with a couple of key highlights.  One is Freedom of Information Day, March 16, the birth date of freedom of information advocate James Madison.

The second major activity of Sunshine Week is a national webcast and open meeting; that event, held March 18 at the Center for American Progress, was sponsored by OpentheGovernment.  Theme for this year’s webcast was “The Road Forward on Open Government.” I was in the audience (actually with the awesome responsibility of holding up the time limit cards…) and was so wishing other advocates had the same opportunity.  Now you do – almost.

The OpentheGovernment webcast is now available online.  Speakers and panelists included, among others, Steven Croley, Special Assistant to the President for Justice and Regulatory Policy, White House Domestic Policy Council, David S. Ferriero, Archivest of the United States, and Gary Bass, Executive Director (until July 1) of OMB Watch.  Patrice McDermott, Director of OpentheGovernment moderates a great panel of journalists and other access advocates.

The transcript and video are  available on C-SPAN.  Clips and the full conference are also on Facebook.




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