Celebrating Hubert H. Humphrey

My intention was to write a thoughtful reflection that sums up the Hubert H. Humphrey Birthday Centennial Reunion held May 27 at Minneapolis City Hall.  It was a very special day – I shed a few tears, remembered events long-forgotten, and spent most of the day talking with unreconstructed liberals struggling to make sense of today.  I was slow to write because there were just too many ideas and memories rattling around my aged brain.

Then I discovered David Erickson’s fine summary, including video.  David has created a permanent (we hope) record of the day and the history that it captured.  I hope those who remember, who want to know more, and who could not participate will take the time to check David’s site.  Give yourself time for reflection.


For more celebration of the Happy Warrior, check out Michael Caoutte’s documentary, Hubert H. Humphrey: The Art of the Possible,   Caouette is recipient of this year’s Humphrey Leadership Award for his research and high quality documentary.  Just google the title – it’s available on DVD, snippets on YouTube and no doubt on local TPT – many options for access.  Caoutte has done a masterful job of exploring untapped archives and interviewing those who know HHH and his impact on American history in the last half of the Twentieth Century

Dane Smith, President of  Growth & Justice, has written several fine articles about Humphrey’s leadership and legacy.  Check Hubert H. Humphrey’s Legacy and Minnesota’s Future for just one example of Smith’s thoughtful reflections.


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