Windom Park Neighborhood in Minneapolis – News and Views

One of the hats I wear with pride and a mighty sense of responsibility is that of citizen journalist covering my neighborhood, Windom Park in Northeast Minneapolis, for the Twin Cities Daily Planet.  My interpretation of the assignment is somewhat expansive so I mostly write about resources that are convenient to my Windom Park neighbors.  Though at times I’ve posted some of these Windom Park snippets on the blog I’ve never explained the raison d’etre for sharing these local treasures with blog readers.

In the past few days I have written a mix of reports from the hood that I’d like to share with blog readers.  The stories have interested me – I hope they are of interest to folks who from the world beyond the relatively narrow boundaries of Windom Park.  This is a good time to “formalize” a process.  I will post neighborhood news with a Windom Park note  so readers will know the item reflects the voice of a neighborhood resident sharing life in Windom Park with TCDP readers and beyond.  Posting on the blog “repurposes”** the information.

The following posts are some recent Windom Park stories that have been published or will appear in the TCDP.  More to come in future posts.


** Have I ever mentioned how I loathe phony words?




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