Windom Park Report – Recovery Bike Shop

“Doing what we can to save the world one bike at a time”  is the mantra at Recovery Bike Shop.  That commitment shapes the inventory, the staff and services of this unique community resource which has just opened its doors in Northeast Minneapolis.  This veritable beehive of cyclic energy is housed in the Eastside Food Co-op Building at 2555 Central Avenue Northeast, just North of Lowry.

According to Brent Fuqua, Recovery Bike Shop “started quite by accident in the summer of 2008.”  Brent tells his story and the story of Recovery Bike Shop in a poignant introduction to the company’s website.  His well-chosen words express the character of the business and its role in the community.   Brent writes:  “I am constantly amazed and humbled at the joy I get from helping others that support what we are doing” – explaining that “what we are doing” means that the “Recovery Bike Shop is a vital part of the biking and recovery community in Minneapolis.”

With a focus on the urban commuter as a core value Recovery Bike Shop offers a range of tailored services.  First and foremost is a full staff of mechanics who seem a sort of Click & Clack of the bike world.  They’ve got a large selection of ready to ride bikes in stock.  If the customer’s needs are unique, Recovery Bike Shop offers custom building ranging from low budget tweaking to high end custom design.  Special needs bikers will find builders ready to adjust to their unique requirements.  The shop will also buy or offer trade-in on last year’s model or take in bikes on consignment.

Winter hours at Recovery Bike Shop are Tuesday-Saturday 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.  Call 612 876 5356.




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