Majdi Wadi on the Move

Majdi on the move

In a June 3, 2010, the Twin Cities Daily Planet published this profile of Majdi Wadi and his Holy Land empire in the MN Voices section.  Majdi was one of two “immigrant leaders” identified by TCDP.  It was an intense learning opportunity to spend time with Majdi who overwhelmed me with his energy, ideas, and his faith that hummus is key to individual health and inter-cultural communication.

Majdi didn’t have to convince me of the virtues of his lead product, hummus,  a taste treat he is quick to boast features high fiber and an absence of gluten and cholesterol.  I’ve spent far too many hours at the Holy Land – the grocery and the restaurant – to need convincing of the wonders of hummus – flavored or natural.

By mid-June 2010 Majdi was feted on the pages of the New York Times.  Minneapolis writer John T. Edge reinforces and expands the homage to hummus and the contributions of Majdi Wadi.  This is a fun read, best absorbed over a generous helping of Middle Eastern delicacies from Holy Land’s incredible buffet.

Keep an eye on Majdi Wadi.  And get to know his mother, Fatima, the petite woman who has championed her son Majdi and his brother Samer from the start.  My librarian head envisions the publication of a magical children’s book I’ve entitled Everybody Eats Hummus. Majdi, the author, illustrator, publisher and sales rep, has dedicated the bestseller to Fatima Wadi.  You heard it here first.

In the meantime, please read the profile of Majdi Wadi in the TCDP Minnesota Voices feature.

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